Sierra Leone Epilepsy Society, Inc Non Profit Charity Organization in Alexandria Virginia and Washington DC    Activities To Provide vast knowledge of Epilepsy Prepare modules and other resources materials Campaigning, both internationally and nationally to improve epilepsy services and to raise awareness. To offer assistance to people with epilepsy, their families, friends and careers and to develop their communities by planning together To create a network including international and local support group to exchange information related to epilepsy by sensitization process through which persons with epilepsy and their dependents will understand their various problems and find solutions   To maintain a balance of related programs like training and education to improve their livelihood or their dependant. It will serve to strengthen their advocacy and ability with other groups or companies as long as they are one and speak together. 



Sierra Leone Epilepsy Society provides assistance by offering international support, collaborates with international and local partners worldwide by exchanging information, and help to set positive standards with international policy which enhances, focus and identified all person related to epilepsy.  

Overall Goal 

To promote the lives of person with Epilepsy, by providing their social Needs and Building a culture of national pride and accountability for sustainable development in their Families and other Communities.  

Cross-cutting Issues 

HIV/AIDS, gender equity and proactive justice for all especially the poor and marginalized.      

Program Areas   

Advocacy, Lobbying, Negotiations and Grievance Handling Training, Education and Information Research and Documentation Resource Mobilization, Empowerment, Project Development and Implementation Mentoring and Monitoring Monitoring Environmental Activities